Volunteer to be a NightWatch Chaplain

The NightWatch Team Member role IS the NightWatch Chaplaincy project. When the NightWatch Chaplaincy was founded in 2001, we were an entirely volunteer organisation. We continue to believe in being an organisation which champions volunteering. The NightWatch Chaplaincy is committed to ‘watching out for you when good times go bad’ in the night-time entertainment precincts, on weekends, overnight. Our team members recognise that people matter and commit to serving all of those who participate within the precincts. Our services are undergirded by an approach that is chaplaincy-based, which means that our major concern is the wellbeing and dignity of each person. In the entertainment precincts our team members are available to intentionally intervene to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others. This looks like: helping people to work out how they will get home safely, giving directions and being available for a conversation; providing care and support for people in distress; providing first aid for people who have been in accidents or due to intoxication; deescalating aggression and tension on the streets or; providing mental health first aid to people experiencing crisis. Our team members are often identified as first aid providers. We need to stress that while we provide first aid, this is all part of meeting the needs in the precinct – we are not first aiders who do chaplaincy, we are a chaplaincy who do first aid, as well as fulfilling many other needs.

No qualifications or experience necessary on application – full training provided*

Volunteering as a NightWatch Chaplaincy Team Member is a demanding role – we pride ourselves on ensuring that all volunteers are of an appropriate character, have appropriate skills and experience and are appropriately trained, qualified and equipped to undertake the role. We believe people matter, and we recognise that it is our volunteer NightWatch Team Members who ensure that those who use our services experience the value, dignity and service that we know is inherent in them. In all applicants, we are primarily searching for what we call a DNA match between the applicant and ChaplainWatch; a commonality of values and attitudes that align within ChaplainWatch’s Core values (Divinely Led, Intentional Intervention, Owning Responsibility, People Matter). In order to assess the DNA match, our selection and assessment process is two-way, with the applicant assessing our fit with them, as we assess theirs with ChaplainWatch. At all points through the following process, applicants will be assessed for suitability, and continuation in the process is not guaranteed simply by application. Our normal section and training process is this: 1. Fill in the enquiry form below and send. Please pay particular attention to the acknowledgement section at the end. 2. A 15-30 minute phone interview will be conducted with you by the NightWatch Senior Team Leader. 3. You will be invited to undertake a ‘ride along shift’, which is an opportunity for you to observe NightWatch from the perspective of an observer. Usually ride-alongs are invited to attend 3-6 shifts, which involve placement with a number of leadership staff in a variety of patrol modes and with increasing on-job training and involvement by the ride-along. 4. An assessment of your ride-along shifts is undertaken by NightWatch Leadership. If you are deemed appropriate and you agree you would like to proceed to Team Membership, you will be invited to attend induction training. 5. Having completed Induction training you will be invited on as a NightWatch Training Team Member. Over 3 months, you will be invited to undertake training and regular NightWatch shifts and to complete some more policy and procedural training. Following this you will be a fully trained NightWatch Team Member. 6. As a team member, you will be offered a range of training and development opportunities (eg. Mental Health First Aid, Management of Actual and Potential Aggression training etc.) Please note: Current (at your own expense) First Aid qualifications (HLTAID001, HLTAID003) and Working with Children Blue Card is a requirement for all NightWatch Team Members – They are not required upon application, but will be required in order for you to undertake NightWatch duty after induction training. *You will need to attain a first aid certificate early in the process at your own expense.

To make it easier for you to complete your enquiry, make sure you have the following before you begin:

  • A copy of your blue card (if you have one already)
  • Copies of first aid certificates
  • Copies of any relevant qualifications
  • Contact details for:
    • A church referee (if applicable to you)
    • A personal referee

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