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2022 Annual
Purple And White Ball

The ChaplainWatch Purple & White Ball is moving to one of Brisbane’s most iconic venues – Brisbane City Hall. Join us in the Grand Ballroom for a memorable evening of music, dinner and COVID-safe fun. In honour of commemorating 20 years of service to the entertainment precincts, you are warmly invited to join us at our annual Charity Ball.

Our DNA is People Matter

ChaplainWatch is a community service charity, designed to intentionally intervene where people are in crisis, at risk, and in need.

As a chaplaincy-inspired, faith based ministry we are dedicated to serving our community non-judgementally. We affirm and promote the dignity, worth and value of each person.

We Serve Through 3 Unique Projects


With a clear public safety watching brief, this NightWatch actively watch out for those whose good times have gone bad.

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The StreetWatch Project has been raised up in response to certain specific needs of Brisbane city’s ‘street people’

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LifeWatch is a driven response to fill a gap in responding to those who may be affected due to their involvement in a crisis.

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