NightWatch Chaplaincy Foot & Mobile Patrols

With a clear public safety watching brief, this NightWatch actively watch out for those whose good times have gone bad. There are few community services that have chosen to respond to community needs in such a way as ChaplainWatch has chosen.  In fact there is very little to model ChaplainWatch on.  It draws on a vast depth of expertise and training as well extensive wisdom and life skills of each of the Chaplains who serve. After midnight… … the mix can be good-natured and cheerful … the mix can also be risky and unpredictable Come on to the streets of Brisbane on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, from late night to dawn, you will literally be confronted by tens of thousands of normal people out for a good time.  They are someone’s son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, friend or lover.  They swarm through the entertainment precincts, invading the venues, inhabiting the streets. Curiously many of these good-time revellers become creatures of the night.  Their behaviours and attitudes transform from the civilised to the irrational; from the normal to the bizarre; from reasonable to arrogant; from decent to vulgar; from the tame to the intense.  During the day they are model citizens but the night changes things.


NightWatch Chaplaincy responds:

specifically focused—targeting the general public who frequent the public spaces, at night, especially in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, CBD and Caxton Street’s entertainment precincts.

proactive patrols—patrolling Brisbane’s entertainment precinct’s public spaces, with both foot and mobile patrols, we are able to rapidly respond to persons in need, at risk or in crisis.

assertive outreach—applying an intentional interventionist service model we provide a non-policing, non-authoritarian, deliberately visible outreach, actively upholding peace and safety at night and championing individual responsibility.

purposely trained—skilled in intentional intervention, our teams provide frontline first aid, alcohol and other drug first aid, mental health first aid, conflict resolution, aggression deflection, crisis care and victim support, problem solving, personal safety, care and support, and referral advice.

unique and purpose-motivated—the NightWatch teams are streetwise, calm, independent, equipped, trained and focused to bring peace and safety to the streets.

on-call response—having a dynamic digital communications system we provide an ‘on-call’ rapid response through our Hot Line communications centre.

collaborative relationships—working seamlessly alongside police, ambulance, emergency services, taxi rank supervisors and security, city stakeholders as well as the venues, pubs, and bars, we assist them when they have someone who is assessed to be need of direct NightWatch Chaplaincy intervention.

one on one support and assistance—available after hours for anyone seeking safe and secure personal care, basic human need support, one on one contact, mental health and other medical issues care, spiritual support where asked, with a range of skills and resources to assist an individual’s direct and on-going wellbeing.

advocacy and promotion—having NightWatch on community and public committees and entities, NightWatch is able to position itself to be of maximum benefit to promote and advocate on behalf of itself and others to be part of the answer not the problem.

designed and positioned—intentionally designed to fill this community service gaps we function ‘out of normal office hours’ overnight; by being mobile and not office bound; by being non-authoritarian and peacemakers we are able to watch out for you.

our presentation—we are highly visible which gives us the freedom to operate as we do. We have chosen the uniform colour to be purple, the ‘Bishop’s Purple’, as a symbol of authority and commitment and as a visible demonstration of the church in action.

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NightSafe Rest & Recovery

NightSafe is a specialised static centre for intoxicated persons to have a bed and take time sober up.  We find it takes a good sleep and time off the drink that can do so much for recovery.  Under the supervision for a registered nurse the best care is provided and their wellbeing is monitored.

Functioning at peak times every weekend, the staff and volunteers of NightSafe are well trained and highly self-motivated to provide a service that is proficient, resourceful and successful.