On behalf of ChaplainWatch, and the NightWatch Chaplains, we extend to the family and friends of Cole Miller our deepest sympathy in his unnecessary and violent death.

Lance Mergard, senior Chaplain, ChaplainWatch said, “We are deeply saddened to just hear of the passing of Cole.  It is our goal that something like this does not happen on our watch. To the family and friends let me say that we will continue to do what we can to ensure this won’t happen to another life.”

On the night, the NightWatch Chaplains felt it fortunate to be able rapidly respond to the incident and provide frontline first aid until the QAS paramedics arrived.

The two NightWatch Chaplains involved, Chris Owens and Sarah Bennett, are both experienced and capable individuals trained in frontline first aid and crisis intervention.

Chris said “I believe it was God leading us to be there then.”  He also said, “I do not feel I am a hero, as some are saying, rather we just do what we have been trained to do.”

He went on to commend all emergency services, especially the QAS paramedics who attended for their quick response and outstanding intervention.

Last night Chris Owens, Senior Team Leader, visited Cole Miller in hospital, and with the permission of the family prayed for him.

Some of the NightWatch Chaplains plan to attend China Town to lay flowers at 6pm today (Monday 4/1/2016) in tribute to a young life lost.

Details of ChaplainWatch/NightWatch:

NightWatch is a project of ChaplainWatch Inc.™.  ChaplainWatch is a Brisbane based charity raised up to respond to people in crisis, at risk or in need, because people matter.

NightWatch has had a valuable presence in Fortitude Valley Entertainment Precinct since 2001 and will continue to serve the community by watching out for anyone in crisis, at risk or in need.

We focus on public safety in public spaces, overnight.  Our purpose is to watch out for you when good times go bad.

NightWatch is manned by volunteers and it is well supported by the State Government and the community.

Details of incident:

At 3:35am 3/1/16 one of our NightWatch teams was within 30 seconds of being on the spot to a serious incident in China Town.

They responded to an 18 year old man who was unconscious and bleeding from the head. They assessed his condition to be critical.

They responded with immediate first aid care and ensured his airway were clear and he was breathing which is a critical thing when a person is unconscious.

They continued to do so until the QAS arrived.

They then assisted the QAS to help stabilise and ready for transport to hospital.

About Chris Owens and Sarah (Saz) Bennett:

Chris is about to finalise a Cert 4 in Medic and with his 7+ years with ChaplainWatch he is well equipped to do what he did.

Sarah (Saz) Bennett is an amazing woman has an amazing commitment to NightWatch.  She volunteers for almost every shift over the past 2 years and did this while doing her diploma studies fulltime.  She has just graduated (2015) as an Anaesthetist Technician, with honours.

She is so skilled that she has been offered fulltime work in a Queensland base hospital months before she graduated.  However, she has applied to upskill her qualifications to Paramedic degree this year.  Her long-term goal is to be a paramedic with air rescue, go figure. At the scene she used her skills to insert appropriate airway management equipment to ensure he was able to continue to breathe.