Long term NightWatch Chaplaincy volunteer, and full-time Australian Defence Force Chaplain, Marcaus Muller, recently had this article published in Crossover‘s Prac Magazine

What a great reflection on what our NightWatch Chaplains do and what motivates them to spend their weekends serving the city of Brisbane overnight in the entertainment precincts.

“Street chaplaincy is the quintessential opportunity to serve in an environment without judgement. It is a genuine opportunity to connect with the other in our fallen world. To meet needs, introduce hope in the immediate crisis, and provide a starting point for connection for better life choices. At times chaplaincy on the street, in uniform, with patrol vest and radio is exciting and purposeful, respected and fulfilling. This may be harder to remember as an act of service on some humid or rain soaked nights at 3am after 5 hours on patrol with two more to go, with urine and vomit staining your clothing, and patience again being tested by innocence, ignorance, aggression, and alcohol. But another call comes in on the radio, or around the next corner lays another intoxicated teenager, and the call to serve your neighbour resonates once again.”

You can find the whole volume of Prac here: https://tinyurl.com/y9qh3f4m (Marcaus’ article on page 7) to read about how Chaplaincy is done in many different contexts throughout Australia.

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